5 Warning Signs That You May Need A Tub Repair In Your Bathroom!

5 Warning Signs That You May Need A Tub Repair In Your Bathroom!

Bathtub issues like cracks and leaks can be annoying disruptions to one of your home’s most peaceful areas, and tub repair dilemmas are always frustrating when they require professional assistance.

Getting your bathtub back to normal functionality is often a lot easier said than done, which is why it’s generally not recommended to conduct your own DIY tub repairs. We’ve teamed up with the Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing to develop this list of five warning signs that homeowners should be on the lookout for when it comes to tub issues.

So, take it from the pros in that the following red flags mean that you’re going to need to reach out to your local plumbing experts!

Water Damages

One of the most significant issues that tubs can experience is water damage, and this is the type of plumbing repair that you’ll notice around your tub. When water is pooling up around your tub, it could mean that there’s a leak underneath your bathroom tiling or other cracks where water is escaping.

Other significant water damage warning signs to be on the lookout for include ceiling and wall stains throughout your bathroom, because these stains require an immediate call to your plumbing team!

Chips & Cracks  

When your bathtub’s surfaces have become chipped or cracked, it can actually pose pretty significant safety hazards that a lot of people aren’t always fully aware of. Larger chips and cracks can potentially cause someone to slip while showering, which can lead to injuries.

Chips and cracks in your tub can also lead to leaks, which can sometimes be pretty expensive to fully repair!

Loose Knobs & Handles

If you’re noticing that your tub’s handles and knobs seem looser than they usually are, then it’s a good idea to contact your tub repair service professionals to have them thoroughly inspect what could be causing this inadvertent loosening.

Many tub knobs and handles will become loose due to long-term corrosion, which could be an indication that your property has hard water and other plumbing dilemmas. Significant tub corrosion can be detrimental for your entire plumbing system, which is why this is never a DIY repair job.

Discoloration & Stains

Discoloration and stains often occur on bathtub surfaces, and they typically create a yellow hue that’s unsightly. Although bleach and other cleaning supplies can help to temporarily alleviate this type of discoloration, it could mean that you’d be better off investing in a professional tub repair for more permanent solutions.

These types of red flag warning signs are generally associated with improper sealing, because it indicates that water is seeping through your tub and ultimately creating the staining. A proper bathtub repair appointment will help you to properly re-seal your tub, and ultimately get you back to enjoying your bathroom time without gross discoloration!

Foul Odors

Bad bathroom smells don’t always come from toilets, and there are many scenarios in which a dysfunctional bathtub will leak and contribute to mold development.

The good news is that professional plumbers will be able to identify the source of your tub leak and help you ensure proper bathtub health for the long-term future. Mold growth can pose all sorts of health impacts, particularly on those with asthma and other respiratory ailments, so it’s crucial to mitigate bathroom mold as quickly as possible!

Reach Out To The Tub Repair Experts At Beehive Plumbing To Learn More!

There’s so much that home and business owners need to keep in mind when it comes to tub repairs, and the above warning signs can help you recognize when professional plumbing services are needed.

It’s always detrimental to put off or neglect tub repairs of any kind, and having a reputable plumber to hire in your local area is important for thoroughly resolving these dilemmas.

You can learn more about tub repair warning signs when you go to the hyperlink at the top of this article and speak directly with the Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing about what’s going on with your bathtub!