6 Things You Didn’t Know About Waterside Pools

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Waterside Pools

Waterside pools are known for their large size. They allow swimmers to take a break from the sun or get closer to nature while enjoying swimming in an enclosed environment. But what is it about these pools that makes them so different from other types of pools? Here are few things you didn’t know about waterside pools!

  1. Waterside pools were originally used for therapeutic purposes.

They are considered a spa pool and can be found in many spas around the world. Sometimes they even have waterfalls or other natural elements to make them feel more like nature outside of your backyard. The Waterside Poolscapes are great for relaxation, and the water helps with treatments.

  1. Waterside pools are more expensive to build.

While the price of building an in ground pool varies depending on location, size and type of material used; waterside pools cost around $20-$40 per square foot compared to a traditional in-ground pool that costs about $12-15. This is because it requires extra steps like waterproofing the sides and making sure any excess water drains back into your yard after you’re done swimming instead of flowing out towards your neighbor’s property line or street!

  1. Waterside pools are costly to maintain.

Since they require extra steps in the construction, waterside pool maintenance will also be a little more costly than your traditional in-ground pool. Also, since you have water up against your house, everything must stay waterproof, so any cracks or damage can cause major problems down the road.

  1. Waterside pools are usually one of a kind.

Since the construction only makes waterside poolscapes, not every house will have this type of pool in their backyard! However, they can be custom-built for your specific yard space and needs, so they are just as unique as you want them to be too.

  1. You can’t move a waterside pool once it’s in place.

Since they are usually built into the ground and up against your house, removing or moving a waterside pool is very difficult to do! This means you’ll need to make sure that everything about where you put it works for your family before anything else!

  1. They can be built in any shape.

Waterside pools are usually large, but you don’t have to build them round or square! You’ll need the help of an expert builder for this one since they may know some tricks that would work best for your yard space and design plans.


The waterside poolscapes were initially used for therapy needs but now people enjoy them because they make swimming more fun or help with skin conditions like psoriasis. It helps them in a lot of things.