Advanced Water Restoration Tools Used by Experts

Advanced Water Restoration Tools Used by Experts

Water damage is the most unwanted household issue. From continuous leaking pipe systems to massive storm strikes or floods, the remediation process is necessary for both small and vast levels of damage. But this process demands a high level of skills and the application of specific tools and equipment. In this case, one should call out the damage restoration team, who specializes in water damage restoration. After all, there are experts for every sector, and each expert has their own specialty. A professional Cape Cod water restoration team will use their particular expertise and use specific equipment to carry out the job with perfection.

Tools Used for Water Damage Restoration by Experts

Experts have access to advanced tools specifically designed for water damage restoration. These often include:

LGR dehumidifiers

With the use of cutting-edge technology, Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers quickly dry out spaces. After a conventional dehumidifier brings down the humidity to roughly 30%, an LGR dehumidifier is put to use to finish the procedure. These dehumidifiers cool the inflow air as it enters the system, resulting in dryer, more breathable air. They also accelerate the process of the restoration of damaged areas. The part is that these are more energy efficient than standard dehumidifiers.

Air movers

Air movers are the finest technique to dry wet carpets and other floors. An air mover differs from a fan in that the latter cannot concentrate airflow at ground level. These devices provide a solution to that issue. They directly blow air into the floor, which causes water molecules to evaporate quickly. Professional Cape Cod water restoration experts run air movers in thirty-minute cycles. Most of the water is cleared from the floor within a few hours.

Moisture meters

Moisture meters give water damage restoration specialists two important pieces of information: first, they evaluate the severity of the condition in specific areas, and second, they pinpoint the origin of the leak or burst. The use of this tool also ensures that the project is finished by identifying moisture levels both before and after the elimination of water has been carried out.

Air scrubbers

Water damage can cause mold to spread if left unattended for even a few days. Mold makes it unsafe for anyone to breathe the air. People who have respiratory conditions like asthma can be more at risk. To purify the air, air scrubbers draw mold particles through a filter. Using an air scrubber ensures that the air is safe and breathable after water damage.


General people lack both expertise and access to these advanced tools and equipment. In fact, handy-man level service providers hardly invest in these tools to offer money-worthy service to their clients. Improper remediation process keeps the possibilities open for future property damage, which will lead to extra shedding of cash out of pocket. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a reliable Cape Cod water restoration that ensures industry expertise and has access to advanced water restoration tools to leave no stone unturned during the remediation process.