Five Options in Terms of Kitchen Appliances

Five Options in Terms of Kitchen Appliances

A kitchen that does not have major appliances is simply a blank canvas. When planning a new kitchen, you need to pick the right appliance finish to tie together the overall design. These days, you are no longer limited to white appliances. There are many different options to pick from in terms of appliance finishes. In fact, when you click, you will discover how great your options are. This article explores these options:

Modern Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an appliance finish that everyone finds attractive. It does well regardless of your kitchen style and design. The majority of modern stainless steel appliances are made to resist fingerprints, so even if you have curious little ones who tend to put their fingers everywhere, your stainless steel appliances can retain its look.

Slate Finishes

This appliance finish can create a warmth that blends perfectly with wood cabinets and accents to create a rustic look. A lot of slate finishes can also resist fingerprints and smudges. However, they can clash with some kitchen styles. Thus, it’s important to consider if a slate finish will suit your kitchen decor.

Light, Bright White

The classic white appliances can create appeal for any minimalist. Although they are vulnerable to getting dirty, they provide a good amount of light to your space. White appliances can make your kitchen look bigger, brighter, and more open. If you want your kitchen to have white cabinets and light coloured marble countertops, consider investing in white appliances.

Bold Black

If you like to create a dramatic aesthetic for your home decor, black or black stainless steel will surely appeal to you. This finish creates an intense hue when you pair it with other colours, especially white to create a deep contrast. Black can be your bold choice if you wish to create a statement. However, it does not work well in all kitchens, especially for smaller spaces. Having black throughout a small kitchen can make the room look crowded and even smaller.

Mix and Match

If you are not sure which appliance finish to go for, consider mixing and matching. A bright fridge can help you create a bold statement while the other appliances blend into the background.  But, you might want to avoid mixing new appliances with older ones of the same finish because the colour differences can compromise the overall aesthetic. When you mix and match, you can showcase some areas of your kitchen for an extraordinary finish that highlights your flare and personality.