Fresh & Easy: The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Fresh & Easy: The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are perfect for both avid gardeners and nature novices. They are one of the easiest ways to garden as all you really have to do is build, fill and plant. What’s more, it’s the perfect way to grow delicious fruit and veggies for the whole family to enjoy!

There are many benefits to raised garden beds and we would like to share them with you below:

  1. They are easy to start

All you need are some top quality planter boxes and you’re good to go. This is in stark contrast to in-ground gardening, which can include endless work just to prepare the garden for planting. You don’t have to dig or till an area of your garden to start as you can just build it, fill it with soil and start planting!

  1. You can (almost) forget weeding

You may occasionally find yourself doing a little weeding with raised garden beds. But there will be much less compared to if you were gardening in the ground – simply remember to plant your garden with a layer of weed control below. This comes in the form of cardboard, newspaper or weed cloth and is designed to block any unwanted weeds in their tracks.

  1. They are highly customisable

Raised garden beds are amazing because they are incredibly customisable and can be made to your design ideas. You can keep them shallow, with a depth of six inches being sufficient, or you can make them deeper to accommodate root veggies.A bed of 12 – 24 inches is perfect for root veggies and you can even build them up to your waist whilst keeping them four feet wide. This is to ensure you can easily reach the middle from every side of the box (think starting with a 4×4 bed). Once you get the hang of it you can really make them as long as you want!

  1. You can control the soil quality

Gardening directly in the ground is a bit of a random guess. You might have high quality soil or you might not. What’s more, you might even have unwanted elements like clay and rock hard soil that make gardening incredibly difficult. Raised garden beds, conversely, allow you to amend the soil with absolute ease. You can ensure that your garden beds are getting the very best soil from the get-go and this is fantastic for growing delicious fruit and veg. You can also do bed changes to remove used soil before adding some fresh compost and organic fertilisers. This way you can start planting again without any hassles.

  1. They enhance pest control

Naturally, you will still have to manage bugs – they don’t discriminate between in-ground gardens and raised garden beds! But you can mitigate the issue of ground pests for your raised garden beds by adding some chicken wire before you fill the boxes. You can also install fence-like structures around your beds to stop any pets or neighbourhood cats getting into them.These handy structures can even discourage wild birds from going into your garden beds. You can even place a removable fence on top of the bed to further deter birds and hungry possums!

They are perfect for easy gardening

Regardless of whether you are a garden newcomer or seasoned expert, raised garden beds are perfect for easy gardening. What’s more, they are ideal for people who love being out in the garden but don’t like all the bending and crouching that comes with it.It’s simply ideal for growing delightful fruit and veg and this makes it a winner for Aussie homes!