Getting The Most Out Of Your Garden Space

Getting The Most Out Of Your Garden Space

There are two types of gardeners: those that like a trimmed lawn, straight edges and very few (if any) plants, and those that love a rainbow of colour all year round, and spend a significant amount of time in their gardens. Both certainly have their merits, as well as their challenges. But, today, it doesn’t matter in which camp you are, because today we’re going to discuss various ways to get the most out of your garden space.

Personalise the Space

Like your home, your garden should be a reflection of your personality. So, how do you put your personal stamp on the green patch in the front of- or at the back of your home? Start small, and work your way outwards from there. For example, if you’re someone who practices Eastern spiritual beliefs, you could place a ceremonial statue in your garden or paint a wellness design on one of the walls in the space.

If, on the other hand, you’re a recycling enthusiast, you could repurpose old items, such as pallets or tins into functional pieces for your garden. An immediate idea that springs to mind are vertical planters that can easily be fashioned from these objects.

Dine Outdoors

When last did you enjoy an alfresco meal? Allocate a space in your garden specifically for outdoor dining. It can be something as simple as a small table and two chairs, or a larger space to entertain a group of guests around the grill. There are many different furniture options to suit any space and budget. Our advice is to consider materials that are not only durable but sustainably sourced. Rattan items tick both of these boxes.

Recreational Spaces

A recreational space within the house is often reduced to a corner of one of the bedrooms, or in a high-traffic area of the home, such as the kitchen table. Sadly, because of this, many people feel robbed of the joy associated with their hobbies and simply stop practising relaxing pastimes altogether.

Erecting modern garden sheds in green spaces around the home has gained a great deal of popularity lately, especially because they can be converted into dedicated recreational spaces. There will be a shed or cabin perfectly suited to whatever leisure pursuit you practice. We’re quite certain you will find renewed delight in your hobbies simply because you have a dedicated space in which to practice them.

Preserve for the Future

Without human intervention, there is a strong likelihood that the already endangered honey bees may become extinct. Aside from the important role they play in pollination and food production, the propolis that can be extracted from the hives has excellent anti-bacterial and other medicinal properties. Preserve these vital creatures for future generations by planting a small patch of bee-friendly blossoms. You don’t need a large acreage of land, nor to plant hundreds of flowers, to attract honey bees to your garden.

There are numerous other ways to get the most out of your garden; these are only a few ideas to get you started. We hope that you enjoy your green space with a renewed focus.