Herringbone Peel And Stick Wallpaper For Your Home

Herringbone Peel And Stick Wallpaper For Your Home

Herringbone pattern refers to a geometrical arrangement of rectangles that gets its nomenclature due to its striking similarity with fish bones or herring. This distinctive V shape was initially seen in road pavement and floor tilings which is why it can commonly be seen in cathedrals and museums. Modern homeowners are opening up to the immense possibilities of herringbone wallpaper given its potential of blending in with both modern and traditional designs. Since these wallpapers come in a diverse selection of styles, textures, and colors you can easily find the one which matches your specific set of requirements.

Pros & Cons Of Choosing A “Herringbone Pattern Wallpaper”


  • Can instantly turn your walls into a picture-perfect focal point especially if you opt for designs with variations in tone.
  • Offers endless opportunities of being used in your interior design project.
  • A brightly colored pattern can breathe life even to minimalistic rooms.
  • Textured herringbone wallpaper can camouflage defects like cracks or small holes in the walls.


  • Opting for vibrant patterns to cover up all the walls of a small room can break the visual harmony.

Choose Peel & Stick Wallpaper

herringbone peel and stick wallpaper can serve as an easy means of adding architectural detailing to your home whether you are thinking of a full room makeover, accent wall, or changing the look of that old furniture. All you need to do is cut the wallpaper to your desired size, peel off its backing and stick it over a smooth and clean surface. This mess-free procedure is perfect for DIYers who are trying it out for the first time.

The removable nature of these wallpapers offers ample experimentation opportunities as you don’t need to stick to the same look for years. You can pull it simply off the walls whenever you feel like redecorating your space. People residing in rental accommodation often choose peel and stick wallpapers as a temporary choice of décor.

The fancy varieties of peel and stick wallpapers can infuse a style in your home aesthetics while guaranteeing you complete peace of mind when it comes to durability. Heavy-duty adhesives ensure that the wallpapers stay in place and do not fall off within months of application. The unique construction of these wallpapers also guarantees that the peeling action during its removal process doesn’t damage your walls. These wallpapers are manufactured using PVC-free materials making them ideal for being used in decorating nurseries.

Common Types Of Herringbone pattern

  • Chevron

This classic pattern can commonly be seen in bathroom accent walls and kitchen backsplashes as it creates an illusion of a higher ceiling height. It features a ‘V’ pattern with all the tiles meeting with each other forming a V shape. The traditional Chevron style offers a seamless look compared to the broken-up herringbone pattern.

  • Herringbone

A herringbone pattern is characterized by similarly sized rectangular pieces positioned in a zig-zag manner. This style is preferred by people nurturing a penchant for modern designs. The high degree of customization possibilities is adding to the popularity of this pattern over time.