How To Maintain Your Golf To Avoid Damage?

How To Maintain Your Golf To Avoid Damage?

The size of a golf course doesn’t have to be so sloppy! A size of 1 mm can make you miss the victory! The size of your green should be around 13/14 mm. Get a special mower for maintaining your green, such as a simplex or a triplex.

A Synthetic Green: Perfect For Any Surface

However, setting up a natural green is not that simple. Thus, although modest, it is often swapped for a synthetic course. Requiring little maintenance and installation in a very short time. This kind of accessory now adorns many private outdoor spaces. For you who dream of a golf green at home and quickly, here are the things to know about synthetic green.

The necessary equipment

For setting up an artificial driving range, you will need the following:

  • one meter
  • some white cups
  • of a cutter
  • building glue
  • with a synthetic white base
  • and several meters of artificial grass
  • for finishing work, a few white flags will be in order

Good Ground Preparation

Soil preparation is always required in this case. In addition to leveling by hand or using a steamroller, you will have to use the synthetic white base to ensure the stability of the structure. The number of m2 of the synthetic turf you will need will depend on the size of your driving range. It will then suffice to glue between the accessories and set up the cups where you want. Cut the edges with a utility knife.

Installation And Gluing

Follow the basic pattern to unroll and set up your synthetic grass roll. Once properly laid, you will lift the edges and put some glue on them to ensure that each space is well placed together.

Remember again to cut the holes.

Some Finishing Work

Once each structure is properly installed, some finishing work is required. Among other things, we talk about placing the flags in the cups and cutting the practice’s edges. You can use any shape you want.

How Much To Invest In A Synthetic Green?

Be careful, though; synthetic green costs more! The lawn itself costs around 50 to 100 euros per m2. If you plan to hire a professional for its installation, the latter will ask for 8 to 15 euros per m2. To this must be added the price of the various accessories you will need for installation. Synthetic turf has a lifespan of 25/30 years, depending on its use, so this is also a good point to highlight. But it is a long-term investment, whether for the value of your house or your garden’s aesthetics; having a beautiful golf course at home will be a real plus!

Where To Find Cheap And Quality Synthetic Turf Online To Create Your Synthetic Green?

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