How To Set Up Your Bedroom For Working From Home

How To Set Up Your Bedroom For Working From Home

Pressed for space but still need to get your work done? Don’t worry, these tips will help you set your bedroom up for working from home.

So the only time you have to work tucked up in bed – is when you want to.

Each year more people decide that they no longer want to work in an office, and they’d prefer to work from home.

Remote working is a great way to build a new way of working and living, but we don’t all have huge apartments or multiple rooms to use.

Making a small space perfect for working at home can improve:

  • Productivity – we work better in spaces dedicated to work
  • Separate your work and life, even in the same room
  • Keep your work items organized


Everything needs to have a designated space. If your desk or vanity space has been used for books, toiletries, and other clutter it’s time to tackle it.

Both your sleeping space and working space need the same amount of dedication to their cleanliness. Invest time in cleaning and tidying, and invest some money in getting the best storage options for you.

If you don’t have enough room, then an ottoman bed from Divan Beds Centre will give you the storage that you are lacking. The ottoman bed can store bed sheets, books, files and folders, and other items that don’t need to be on display or in reach.

Desk Space

If you don’t have room for a full desk, then a great addition to your workspace will be a fold-away wall desk.

A fold-away wall desk is attached to the wall and can be as slim as 5 inches. When you need to work you unclasp the flat surface, and when you’re done simply put it away again.

There are few designs that come with some storage too. So you can place your stationery and even some small artwork or faux plants to your workspace.

If you have the available room for a larger desk, ensure that you keep the area clean and tidy.

Plants are shown to give us a creative boost and will help clean the air in your room, add some to your desk and around the room.


Green is the colour of productivity, creativity, and calm. Getting the most from your workspace and sleeping space might take some colour psychology magic.

Green is one of the most dominant in nature and is one of the reasons that we feel so relaxed when we are walking the woods. Often it is recommended that you take a walk in the woods in order to feel refreshed and to find some inspiration. Aside from the fresh air, this is much down to being surrounded by lush green.

Natural Light

If possible arrange your room so that you are working in or close to natural light. Studies have shown that when people can work by natural light there are work benefits.

  • Creativity is increased and improved when working with natural light. They allow you to study and perfect what you are working on.
  • Natural light has a positive impact on our moods, which is why in darker working spaces a SAD lamp is advised.
  • Plenty of natural light, according to a study at the Northwestern University of Chicago had 46 more minutes of sleep than those who didn’t have any exposure.

Let the light in to maximize your comfort and health.

Wall Space

Perhaps the most useful and under utilized space is wall space.

The space above your desk can be ideal for slimline shelving that can house things like you mouse, notebooks and headphones that are usually reserved for work time online.

If you find you have a little bit of the corner of the shelf left, then that’s perfect for a small with hanging leaves. Upwards storage combined with an ottoman bed should help to tackle any clutter.

Working from your bedroom can be a comfortable and relaxing experience, so long as there is a clear distinction between work area and sleeping space. For more information please visit – san francisco apartments