Improving Indoor Air Quality Of Your Home: Check These Tips!

Improving Indoor Air Quality Of Your Home: Check These Tips!

Homeowners, unfortunately, do not pay as much attention to indoor air quality, as they should. While there isn’t much you can do about increasing air pollution outdoors, indoor air quality is in your hands. Various factors can affect indoor air – gas, chemicals, mold, presence of pets, and even excessive cooking. Bacteria, allergens and various other contaminants are found in many homes. If you have kids, older parents, and pets at home, you need to be extremely careful about these factors, because contaminants can trigger allergies, headaches, and other health problems. In case you are interested in indoor air quality products in Metro Atlanta, the first step is to figure out an HVAC contractor, who can advice on products you need.

What products can be considered?

  • Media filters. If you want to improve indoor air quality, make sure that you add media filters, which are installed within the ductwork of heating & air conditioning systems. These filters get rid of many contaminants, including dander, pollen, and dust.
  • An air purifier. Many homeowners prefer to rely on air purifiers to keep a control on their indoor air quality. People who suffer from various health issues, especially allergies and asthma, are likely to benefit more from installing air purifiers.
  • Humidifiers. If the indoor air is too dry, especially during winters, it can impact your health. Humidifiers are designed to add some moisture/vapor to the air. Similarly, you will also find dehumidifiers that are designed to reduce humidity. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are required based on how the HVAC systems are used and the regional climate in general.
  • UV lights. For killing contaminants such as mold, you can consider installing UV lights, which are placed right close to the coils of your heating & air conditioning system. Just by getting rid of bacteria and mold, these UV lights prevent health issues and protect indoor air.

  • Home air fresheners. While these don’t really help with improving the quality of indoor air, you can consider installing them to remove odor from your home. If you have pets at home, or if the environment inside smells a certain way all the time, home air fresheners can be really useful.

Check with your HVAC contractor to know more on the prices, installation requirements, and other details. Keep in mind that these products are more of an investment for your home, so the amount spent is for the health and wellbeing of family members.