Innovations in Refrigerator – List of Coolest Features in The Market

Innovations in Refrigerator – List of Coolest Features in The Market

Refrigerators are a necessity in everyone’s home and they have evolved over the years. There has been advancement in technology and the models available these days aren’t just about keeping your food fresh and cool. There are so many attractive and beneficial features offered that make them a compelling buy.

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Coolest refrigerator features:

  • French doors: Two doors which open side by side when opened from the middle reveals the refrigerated compartment. The fridge’s layout is designed to help you easily access you most-used items. The freezer is located at the bottom.
  • Four-door refrigerator: It has 2 doors at the top and 2 below with the internal layout resembling that of a standard refrigerator. The model is ideal for those who prefer French-style doors with more freezer space.
  • Internal water dispensers: With internal water dispensers, you don’t have to rely on water bottles to store cold water anymore.
  • Door-in-door refrigerator: It is equipped with a hidden compartment behind an exterior panel from where you can easily access foods by just pressing a button. The items that you use frequently can be stored here and you get to save more energy.
  • Automatic/ Measured filling: The auto-fill mode senses the size of your cup and fills it with adequate quantity of water while the measured-fill mode is excellent for cooking purposes and provides you the exact quantity of water you asked for.

  • Temperaturecontrolled drawers: It lets you set different temperatures for independent drawers. Few of the mode options available are wine, deli meat and defrosting.
  • Herb storage: There is an individual compartment for storing fresh herbs. Some are available with an angled floor where you can pour water to keep just the stem of the herbs wet.
  • Ice-cream maker: You don’t need a traditional ice-cream maker anymore now that refrigerators come with their very own small ice-cream maker.
  • Different ice options: Making margaritas for at-home parties just got easier. Apart from standard ice cubes, you get crushed and shaved ice.
  • Anti-microbial drawers: Haven’t we all faced problems with celery turning to mush/ zucchini growing fur quickly? These drawers keep bacterial odors at bay for long.

Narrow down which of these features would be more beneficial for you. Upgrade your refrigerator to make many of your mundane tasks easier.