Repairs Vs. Replacement: Taking The Call About AC Units At Home!

Repairs Vs. Replacement: Taking The Call About AC Units At Home!

Given the weather in Phoenix, most people use air conditioning systems all through the day & night. Expectedly, even the best ACs would need repairs and servicing at some point. In fact, yearly maintenance and professional checks can help your ACs run better in peak summers. If you are wondering whether to repair or replace AC unit in Phoenix, we have a guide below that may come in handy.

Consider age

How long have you been using the unit? Air conditioners don’t have an extended life span beyond 15 years, and after a point, replacement is no longer a choice. There are online guides on how to calculate the repair costs ideally, but most HVAC experts say that a decade is enough to set money aside. You may not need to replace the AC right away, but saving money does help.

Number of breakdowns

If your HVAC unitor air conditioner is causing problems more often than usual, replacement may be necessary. Consider the amount you have spent in repairs in the last couple of years. Frequent breakdowns could be related to many factors, but is a clear indicator that the AC is not longer capable of functioning at its full potential.

History of maintenance

If air conditioners of your home have been checked, inspected, and serviced by a team of experienced and trained HVAC technicians over the years, you probably don’t need to think of replacement right away. Keep in mind that annual servicing can help in prolonging the life of your ACs, and it’s a wise idea to spend that amount.

Energy bills

A sudden spike in energy bills may indicate problems with ACs. It could be related to other issues too, but it is always wise to get an inspection done. Faulty ACs can add a huge amount to energy bills, especially in summers when the machine has to work 24×7.

Take help from a trusted HVAC company

Eventually, you have to call an HVAC company to get the ACs checked for possible repairs and other problems. Their technicians, with years of experience, can offer a better idea if repairs are necessary or replacement is a better choice. New air conditioners have much better functionalities, and you can expect huge savings on energy bills.

Call an experienced, known and popular HVAC service in your area in Phoenix for an evaluation, and don’t forget to get estimates for repairs, if recommended.