Tips to Choose the Right Dining Set for your Home

Tips to Choose the Right Dining Set for your Home

The dining room is where you and your family share delicious meals or entertain guests. That is why it needs a dining set that complements the rest of the room’s features and offers comfort to users. But, shopping for dining room furniture can be overwhelming because of the many options you have out there.

If it is your first time doing it, the tips below can help you make the right decision:

Consider the Space you Have

Take the space you have for the table into account. Try to draw out the room dimensions first. Allow 42 to 46 inches between the table and the wall edge so a person can rise comfortably and push their chair away from the table.

Review the Traffic Patterns

Consider where traffic enters and exits the dining room. Ensure you have room to move around the table. Consider if you will serve “family style” or if the guests will serve themselves. If your family and friends will get up and down, you will need more traffic space.

Think about the Size of the Table and Chair

To accommodate serving dishes, ensure the table is at least 36 to 42 inches. If you want a big table that you can use for special occasions, consider one with one or more extensions. When shopping for a new dining room set, always keep your guests’ comfort in mind. Make sure to allow 24 inches of table space per person around the table. Also, consider the number of people who will often sit at the table. Tables over 30 inches are available from a lot of manufacturers and suitable for more casual environments.

In general, the height of the chair seat is around 18 inches from the floor. Often, the distance from the tabletop to the seat of the chair must be at least 12 inches. The majority of chairs provide two heights, the highest of which can be used for lunch counters.

Take Table and Chair Design into Account

Manufacturers and suppliers offer a selection of custom tables that let you pick the leg style that suits your preference and entertaining needs. Also, the selection of pedestal-style bases offers you more seating space as your guests don’t struggle with the table legs.

In terms of picking your chairs, consider both your preferred style and comfort. The back of the chair and the seat width will determine how comfortable the chair is. For small spaces, a bench is a popular option as it can slide completely under the table when not in use.