Want To Install A Fireplace For Your Burlingame Home? Check This Guide!

Want To Install A Fireplace For Your Burlingame Home? Check This Guide!

Regardless of whether you seek more warmth and comfort during winter months, or want an element to take the interior design to the next level, a fireplace is a great option.  Depending on the structure of your house, you may have to consider a few important factors, including the placement, source of fuel, and type of fireplace you want. You can call a reliable & known fireplace company in Burlingame, CA, for the initial consultation. Here are some of the best suggestions for installing a new fireplace or revamping the existing one.

Consider the basic options

The common choice these days is a gas fireplace, which comes in a wide range of designs and styles. You can go for frameless designs or even see-through fireplaces, which are aesthetically pleasing. Gas fireplaces, as the name suggests, would require you to get a clearance, and you have to be particular about venting. A good alternative to that is an electric fire feature. Electric models are more expensive, but eventually, these are cost effective in the long run. If you have an apartment, an electric fire feature could be a better choice, with no need for extra venting or clearance. The traditional choice is a wooden fireplace, which may not be suited for many homes, but is a great choice for outdoors.

Find more on the mantel

Mantels were meant to catch soot and smoke when the fireplace is in use, and it is the structure you see just above the fireplace. However, the mantel is no more used for that purpose and could be an aesthetic element. Talk to the installation company to know the kind of designs they can offer. Many homeowners in Burlingame prefer to have no mantel at all because of space constraints. The common material choices include wood, metal, and stone.

Consider the budget

Before you decide on the fireplace, discuss the budget. Fireplace is an investment for the next decade or so, and you may want to get something that’s modern and doesn’t require as much maintenance. Do your homework with the budget, think of financing options, and ask the installation service to show a few pictures of their installed fireplaces. You may want to take their advice, because they are often also in charge of upkeep & maintenance and like to offer the best solutions, based on the needs of customers.

Get an estimate before you make the final call!