Working With Exterior House Painters: Ask These Questions

Working With Exterior House Painters: Ask These Questions

Painting the exteriors of your home is an investment for at least 10 years. As a homeowner, it is wise to do an initial screening before hiring a residential painting contractor. The best exterior house painters will not merely ensure that the work is done right but would also offer help, in case there is an immediate complaint. Before selecting one, here are some questions to ask.

  1. ‘Are you licensed and insured?”

That’s the most basic question worth asking. You want to be absolutely sure that a residential painting contractor has both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. The second aspect that matters is licensing and having necessary permits to take up such jobs.

  1. “Do you have workers and painters on payroll?”

Many residential painting contractors outsource their work to subcontractors, which only leads to shoddy work. Make sure that you check for local companies that have painters on payroll. Unlike interior painting, exterior work is a risky task, and if there are any issues, mishaps, or injuries, you may end up paying the bill, if the painters are not licensed and insured.

  1. “Will you offer an estimate without obligation?”

While most local services will be more than willing to offer free estimates, some may charge you for an inspection too. Get estimates for sure, but don’t be tempted to select one because they are the cheapest in town. Instead, compare residential painting contractors based on experience, and expertise. Also, you can ask for references and check for independent reviews online.

  1. “Do you offer a warranty on the job?”

For exterior painting work, you can expect a decent warranty. In case of ceramic painting, the warranty can extend up to two decades or more. Find a reliable contractor that’s confident of the work and can offer all their promises on paper. Also, get an estimated deadline on the time required for the job.

  1. “What about painting supplies?”

The cost of paint supplies is included in the price, while in other cases, you may have to pay for the same additionally beyond the actual estimate. Make sure that there is complete transparency in the costs, so that you don’t have to deal unwanted with surprises later.

Finally, call up a few of their clients and ask about their experiences. If hiring a good and credible residential painting contractor means paying a tad more, that price is definitely worth paying.