Mark Roemer Oakland Provides Ways to Show Proof of Renters Insurance to Your Landlord

Mark Roemer Oakland Provides Ways to Show Proof of Renters Insurance to Your Landlord


Nobody likes to have their apartment broken into or their possessions destroyed by a storm, but life happens. When the unexpected happens, everyone wants financial security and the knowledge that they have a backup plan or precaution. That’s where renters’ insurance comes in, according to Mark Roemer Oakland. While landowners will have insurance policies in place to protect the apartment building and building, it is often left to the tenants to arrange their renter’s insurance that covers personal belongings.

We’ll guide you through the basics of a simple tenant insurance policy and provide ways to show proof of renters insurance to your landlord. 

  1. Provide your landlord with the declarations page – Every renter’s insurance policy will include a declarations page that specifies your coverage. This contains information such as your policy number, name, and the amount of coverage you bought. As proof, you may send a digital copy to property management. 
  1. Provide them with a copy of the renter’s insurance policy – If you like to be more traditional, you may print off a physical copy of the policy as evidence of coverage—print one for your records and one for the landlord. 
  1. Add the landlord as a policy interested party -You may add an interested party to any insurance policy. This is one method of demonstrating that the renter has insurance. When the insurance agent prepares the policy, they will include the landlord as an interested party and then tell the landlord when the coverage is complete. 
  1. Provide verbal confirmation of your renter’s insurance policy – Depending on the property management, you may be able to provide evidence by providing verbal proof of coverage. While this is only as good as your word, some owners will accept it. Remember that there is frequently no digital or written record of verbal guarantees, so it isn’t the most solid or secure option to provide evidence of renters insurance. 
  1. Give the landlord a digital file – You may provide digital evidence of your insurance by sending the landlord a copy of the whole policy or the declarations page. You leave a digital footprint demonstrating your interaction with the landlord when you provide electronic evidence. You may also request that your landlord save this digital form on their property management software as a record for you. 
  1. Request that your insurance agent contact your landlord for confirmation – If your landlord accepts verbal confirmation, you may request that the insurance company contact the landlord personally to show proof of insurance. Inform your landlord of the day and when your insurance agent will contact them so they can be ready for the call. 
  1. Inform your landlord of the policy number and the insurance company – Another method to provide proof while renting is to discuss policy data with your landlord. You may exchange information such as the policy number, the name of the insurance company and dealer, and the amount of coverage bought.


Because most insurance firms have an online presence, you can obtain renter’s insurance and give electronic proof of purchase in less than 30 minutes. Otherwise, Mark Roemer Oaklandrecommends the above ways for showing proof of coverage when property owners want it.