Subtle sophistication: 5 stylish touches for a kitchen makeover  

Subtle sophistication: 5 stylish touches for a kitchen makeover   

Summer is upon us and the light is flooding into the kitchen. But with the sun’s beauty comes a stark realisation: your space needs some stylish touches! If you find your cooking space to be drab and outdated then there are a few subtle changes you make to beautify the room without breaking the bank:

  1. New hardware 

New kitchen hardware like stunning brushed nickel cabinet handles can be some of the most affordably stylish touches you can add to your space. They don’t only completely reinvigorate the aesthetic, but they are also amplified by any natural light that enters the room. This gives your room an invigorated appeal that helps to make cooking a joy!

  1. Freshen the paint 

Dark kitchens with moody decor make the room look gloomily small. Instead, why not opt for bright, fresh colours, the kind you can easily implement with a fresh coat of paint? Light colours like beiges, pales and whites amplify natural light and illuminate the space. What’s more, they make the room look far more spacious than it may actually be, something that is great for home cooks that often feel cramped in this space.

  1. Consider new white goods 

If you have been considering replacing any old white goods then perhaps it’s time to go ahead and make the change. Sure, replacing white goods like dishwashers or fridges raises the budget, but if you’ve been looking for a way to remake the space without pulling it all apart then this is ideal.

What’s more, brand new white goods are typically more energy-efficient, in stark contrast to older ones, which are infamous for costing a fortune to run whilst harming the environment. Therefore, new white goods are an investment for homeowners looking to save on energy whilst reducing their carbon footprint!

  1. Open-fronted shelves & cabinets 

Nothing makes an already-kitchen more poky than closed-cabinetry and shelves. They enclose the space and give a stressful feeling that makes cooking an unpleasant experience. If you are about to undergo a makeover, why not consider open-plan shelves and cabinetry? They are simply perfect for making the space feel bigger than it may actually be and it is something that can easily be done as a DIY project. You can even ditch the cabinets altogether, opting for an open-shelve style that makes retrieving your cups and crockery a breeze whilst continuing to amplify the space.

  1. Light up your space 

Any cooking area can benefit from brand new lighting. After all, it not only makes cooking easier, but it makes the space feel brighter and more homely. One of the easiest-yet-most effective touches you can do for this room is add new lighting. Whether they are some stylish downlights installed in the ceiling and the range hood or even some elegant cabinet lighting to further illuminate that newfound space, there are plenty of options for homeowners looking to brighten up this necessarily illuminated space!

As you can see, there are numerous subtle things you can do to invigorate your cooking area. And, given that this is the home’s energy centre, where we fuel up and prepare ourselves for the day ahead, it comes as no surprise that we would want to illuminate it in any way we can. So, if you have been considering a cheeky kitchen makeover, be sure to try these simple and highly effective additions – they will make all the difference!